The Nest Co is passionate about helping parents feel confident nesting.  Helping you create the best nest and environment for your baby, your values and your budget.

WE BELIEVE: Preparing for the arrival of your new baby should be an enjoyable time

WE KNOW: Spending hours researching and shopping for confusing baby products is not an enjoyable time.

The billion-dollar baby industry is out of control. There are an overwhelming number of products for every aspect of parenting and plenty of confusing product jargon. Research can take hours and a lot of baby product advice is conflicting, opinionated or product biased. 

The Nest Co prepares new parents with simple, easy to read guides for each area of baby preparation. The guides are separated into categories e.g: nursery, out and about and getting organised, covering everything from carseats to strollers, clothing, sleeping aids and more. Helping new parents understand their options for each area of baby prep. We provide you with information, considerations, checklists, parent hacks and tips to help you shop (and borrow) like an expert.

The guides are written by us, the kiwi parents of The Nest Co. They are all well researched and based on our own experiences.  So not only do you benefit from our comprehensive research – You can also learn from our successes and mistakes.

We understand that not all babies are the same and that different parents and families have different needs and priorities. Our information is provided in a way which allows you to understand the available options and consider what will work best for you.

The Nest Co was designed to make baby prep easy and stress free enabling you to enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and new born stages. So, if the idea of confident, well researched baby preparation sounds good to you, download a guide today, or purchase the full suite here.

Enjoy this precious time.

Love The Nest Co


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