I remember it all too well … The first time I stepped foot in a baby store and the panic that kicked in. There was a product, appliance, gadget, lotion and potion for every aspect of parenting and I didn’t know where to start.  Finding out you are going to become a parent can be a time of great excitement, joy and happiness. But it is normal for parents to experience feelings of nervousness and a sense of overwhelm, especially when considering what you ‘need’ in preparation for your little chicken’s arrival. I don't envy the new parents of today, it is enough mentally preparing for a new baby, let alone dealing with so many nesting decisions.

Concerned by what you ‘need’ to raise a happy, healthy, thriving baby? I had my first baby in 2003 and second in 2014. When setting up for number two, I was totally blown away by how many more products were in the market. If I didn’t have the experience of number one under my belt, I would have been completely overwhelmed! As it was, I still spent hours and hours researching online, reading forums and consumer guides, seeking advice, and shopping in baby stores trying to understand, compare, and work out what I actually needed. 

I know it is cliché but … “I wish I knew for both my babies, what I know today”.  Experience is so valuable, and that’s why I started The Nest Co … An information hub filled with invaluable experience from our Nest Co parents, presented as considerations and ideas (without any judgement).

My hope is our clear, easy to read guides give you the confidence to buy and borrow what you need to make a beautiful, practical, healthy and safe nest for your new baby.

All our The Nest Co Parents agree, it’s much easier to focus on one stage and even one product at a time. Which is why we have created our nesting guides in bite sized pieces. All of them easily available to anyone with an internet connection and hopefully invaluable to all those new and expecting parents needing guidance or ideas. 

The Nest Co is here to save you time and simplify each stage of your new baby journey. I sincerely hope you find the value in these pages and wish you all the best for your beautiful future with your new family.

X Jo

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