Nappy Rash - prevention and treatment...

April 03, 2019

Nappy Rash - prevention and treatment...

We all know that babies can get nappy rash and that it’s really common.  So we wanted to put together some information for you, so you can save this away somewhere for when you need it.

Common causes of nappy rash are:

  • Some baby wipes and soaps can irritate baby’s skin
  • Some Laundry detergents and soaking solutions used for cleaning re-usable nappies
  • Wee and poo next to baby’s skin for too long
  • An infection such as thrush (which loves warm moist areas) can cause a rash. If you suspect thrush, all you need to do is see your medical professional for advice, it’s very easy to treat.
  • Teething

The keys to nappy rash prevention are:

  • Keeping baby’s skin clean and dry by changing baby’s nappy frequently and as soon as possible after a bowel motion (for a newborn it is usually at every feed and on average 10-12 times a day)
  • Use a barrier cream and apply liberally to protect baby’s skin
  • Give baby ‘nappy free time’ as much as possible
  • Wash baby’s bottom regularly (eg: using non-irritant wipes and bathing once a day in water)
  • Choose baby wipes designed for sensitive skin which are preferably fragrance & alcohol free or you could use use dry wipes such as Thinkwise Skinsafe Baby Wipes which are free of nasties (you simply dampen them with water to use)
  • Use clothing made from natural fibres near baby’s bottom (eg: avoid plastic nappy covers etc).

 As with anything baby related, there are loads of options for treating and preventing nappy rash and we know how overwhelming it can feel.

Many of us are given samples of different creams for baby’s bottoms while we’re pregnant and/or when baby is born.  Some common and very popular brands are Sudocrem (Australian Mother & Baby Awards 2018 – Gold), Bepanthen and Curash Baby Care.  The great thing if you are lucky enough to receive samples is that you can try a range of products to see which work best for your baby.

At The Nest Co, we cannot speak more highly of Weleda’s Rash Relief Cream.  Not only does this cream smell divine, it actually works and it works fast on most nappy rashes.  It contains lovely skin healing and calming ingredients such as Calendula Officinalis, Chamomile, Lavender Oil, Aloe Vera and Zinc Oxide.  I found that when my two had nappy rash, I would apply Weleda Rash Relief Cream at every nappy change with a barrier cream such as EcoStore Baby Bottom Balm over the top and it would clear really quickly (often overnight with mild cases).  I love the fact that it is a natural product with no nasties.

Other tried and true options are:

  • Paw Paw cream – look for a brand that is petrochemical free
  • Cornflower (especially great if you’re using re-usable nappies as it doesn’t interfere with the nappy’s absorbency like creams can)
  • Gaia Baby Powder
  • Weleda White Mallow or Calendula Nappy Change Creams

As always, we hope this information helps and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Happy nesting, from the team at The Nest Co x

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