5 Things Your Newborn May Not Need : Ideas for a more practical approach to newborn prep.....

May 07, 2019

5 Things Your Newborn May Not Need : Ideas for a more practical approach to newborn prep.....

Preparing for the arrival of your baby? 

Panicking about what you need to get organised and how much stuff you have to buy?

Don't panic!  Humans have been raising healthy and happy babies for centuries without all the appliances and gadgets that fill today's booming baby industry.

Here are a few considerations for a more practical approach to your newborn prep..

  1. Moses Basket / Bassinet / Carry Cot / Hammock - your baby can sleep in a cot from birth or you may choose to start with a smaller bed option initially.  The benefits of a smaller bed alternative like a Moses Basket or Basinet are they are more portable, so you can keep baby close for sleep time in any room of the house during the day or night.  They are also smaller and cosier than a full cot, so you can have a smaller footprint in your bedroom.  However, you will likely only use your smaller bed option for 6-16 weeks depending on the size of the Moses Basket or Bassinet and also your baby.  They also require different sized linen such as mattress protectors and fitted bottom sheets.  This all adds up and can make these extra bed options an expensive purchase for a short period of time.  A smaller bed is not necessary if your overall space is tight or your budget is limited.
  2. Specific Feeding Chair & Footrest - there are loads of amazing purpose made nursery feeding chairs on the market.  Some have rocking or sliding options, footrests or designer fabrics.  However, they can also be very expensive and are often only used for a relatively short period of time.  They also take up quite a bit of space which you may or may not have in your nursery or lounge.  Some can also be rather low to the ground, which can be tricky to get in and out of (especially when holding your baby).  Comfort is the key when feeding breast or bottle.  All you really need is some good supportive pillows and a comfortable spot, which could simply be in bed, on the couch or in a chair you already have.
  3. Change Table - change tables offer many pro's like a comfortable standing height for changing baby, organised storage for baby's nappies/creams and a comfortable soft change pad for baby.  However, they have a few cons too.  They take up loads of room, they can be safety risks for baby falling off them and they don't repurpose well into non-baby furniture.  Plus of course, they can be expensive.  So, an alternative to a change table is simply a change mat or pad.  You can use this in any room of the house on the floor (especially good for those wriggly babies where it's going to be safer to change them on the floor anyway).  Also, if you have a multi-level home, you may find you tend to just change baby wherever you are in the house, rather than going to a specific room to change a nappy.
  4. Toys - your beautiful newborn doesn't need toys.  A new-born's first few weeks consist of eat, sleep, change and repeat (with a lot of cuddles in between).  They are discovering their new world outside of the womb, the people they are with and environments they are in.  This is actually enough stimulation.  So adding toys to the mix risks overstimulation and can result in an unsettled overtired baby.  Some of the best things you can do with your newborn are to make eye contact, talk and/or sing and provide gentle tummy time.  Of course, if you can't resist buying a few toys and are lucky enough to be given them, they'll be great when your baby is ready for them.
  5. Baby Wardrobe: Expensive / Designer / Fiddly Clothing / Baby Shoes - Outfits, tutus, jeans, frills, shoes and caps are SUPER CUTE.... But, sooo not practical!  Newborns (and parents of newborns) need comfort, easy access, quality breathable fabrics and layers.  Anything that is fiddly, not stretchy or made from synthetic fibres can be really tricky to get on and off, uncomfortable and possibly unsafe for your little one.  As for baby shoes, these are adorable and cute but babies don't really need shoes until they start walking.  Baby shoes are often impossible to get on their little feet and are an unnecessary discomfort for them.

The Nest Co is passionate about supporting parents with tools to help them with their new baby, based on their lifestyle and informed choices, not expensive mistakes.  

We hope these little considerations help you with your nesting and transition to parenthood.


Much love

The Nest Co

Helping new parents and their babies thrive in those first precious months.


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